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Oceanus Procellarum

Ubi Dubium, Ibi Libertas

Major Geek, FCD
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agnosticism, akira kurosawa, americorps, anime, astronomy, autumn, bad astronomy, bill murray, blank label comics, books, calvin and hobbes, candi, carl sagan, celtic music, chambara, civil rights, civilization, classic rock, comedian bob marley, comedy, comics, computers, cooking, cory doctorow, dark chocolate, databases, discworld, dl.tv, doubt, downtown, drawing, dresden codak, dune, el goonish shive, elmore james, evil inc., evolution, fantasy, final fantasy, firefly, flogging molly, game theory, games, geeky girls, geocaching, good eats, green tea, historical linguistics, history, inktank, iron chef, isaac asimov, it's walky!, j-pop, james randi, japan, jared diamond, john stark, keel-hauling people, kids in the hall, kodt, kung fu movies, lawrence lessig, lore sjöberg, machall, manga, math, moby, mockery, monster garage, monty python, morrowind, mystery science theater 3000, mythbusters, mythology, nature, neil gaiman, neil stephenson, neologisms, net surfing, newgrounds, no pink ponies, numbers, oceans, olde english, origami, partiallyclips, perry bible fellowship, phd comics, poetry, procrastination, questionable content, ramit sethi, red state rabble, rin', roadtrips, rob and elliot, robert heinlein, sarcasm, schlock mercenary, science creative quarterly, shortpacked, skepchicks, skepticism, sketch comedy, slacker astronomy, slide guitar, sluggy freelance, something positive, standup comedy, statistics, storms, suikoden, suzumiya haruhi, swords, taoism, thomas jefferson, tolkien, tomodachi forever, toshiro mifune, travel, twit, vgcats, video games, wapsi square, webcomics, westerns, widdershins, wikipedia, william gibson, women, xkcd, zefrank